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Workshop in Poland

Workshop in Poland

The third training workshops took place on 16th-20th of April 2018 on areas of the LAG “Gościniec 4 Żywiołów” (“Road of 4 Elements”) and the LAG “Dolina Raby” (“Valley of river called Raba”) in Malopolska region of south Poland. The meeting included lectures, workshop classes, individual presentations of student projects, and field visits.

The participants of the TELI2 project stayed on 16th-18th of April 2018 on the LAG “Gościniec 4 Żywiołów” area. Classes took place in the kitchen incubator in Zakrzów. In addition, participants visited the market square in Lanckorona and places supported by LEADER Programme – the Ceramic Studio of Piotr Piaskowski and the Café “Arka” in Lanckorona. They also visited the Tourist Information Centre in Stryszów (the project supported by the LEADER program) and the stand for sale of food products by the Social Cooperative “Smaki Gościńca” (”Tastes of Gościniec”) at the Market Square in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Participants prepared themselves one of the dinner, presenting their national dishes. There were a Polish broth, Portuguese caldo verde and Croatian flour soup. Other dishes: Slovenian polenta and Irish and Romanian stews. Desserts: crème brulée made by Portugues, also Portuguese “Arroz Doce” (rice pudding), Croatian Zagorski strudel and cookies from Slovenia. As a starters and breads: home made sausage and cold cuts from Croatia, as well as breads: Irish on sodium and Polish: from a sourdough and with yeast. Finally, Irish coffee.

On 18th-20th of  April 2018r participants of the TELI2 project stayed in the LAG “Dolina Raby” area. Classes took place in Hotel Oriza. On 19th of April 2018 at lunchtime participants of the TELI2 project visited the “Chamber of Etnosmaków” (ethnotastes) in Niegowic (an example of the project supported by LEADER Programme), then the castle and Bastion VR in the New Wiśnicz (another example of the project supported by LEADER Programme), the producer of honey and cosmetics on its basis – Mr. Maciej Adamski in Żegocina (the project supported by LEADER Programme) and the Museum of Cookbooks and Culinary books named by Stanislaw Czerniecki in Chrostowa, which is run by the LAG “Dolina Raby”.

During the visit in the Chamber of Etnosmaków in Niegowic, participants tasted and became acquainted about local food products. Guests visited also the small museum with collection of souvenirs after Karol Wojtyla’s 1-year stay in Niegowic as a vicar and old household appliances. In the New Wiśnicz the participants of the project visited the castle, where the first Polish cookbook was written and the Bastion VR to watch multimedia show which moves in time and see the castle 400 years ago. In the Museum of Cookbooks and Culinary books named by Stanisław Czerniecki (the author of the first Polish cookbook) in Chrostowa, participants of the project were acquainted with the collected books and the offer of local products for selling by the Social Cooperative “Dolina Raby”. Products also have the local quality mark “Cockerel”. The Slovenian and Croat participants gifted culinary books from their countries to the Museum.