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ADRIMAG – Associação de Desenvolvimento Rural e Integrado das Serras de Montemuro, Arada e Gralheira, Portugal

ADRIMAG – Association for the rural development of the Montemuro, Arada and Gralheira Mountains – is a private and non-profit organization, created in 1991 and located in Arouca, whose primary objective is the local development, promoting the local resources and taking advantage of the endogenous resources that the area offers such as natural heritage. Located in the north of Portugal, at 60 Km of Oporto city, the second biggest city in Portugal, ADRIMAG’s local development strategy aims to create a region with a strong entrepreneurial and innovative dynamic and with high quality of life, based on the local resources, promoting tourism and environmental preservation and seeking for social cohesion and well – being of its inhabitants.

ADRIMAG is the local authority for the management of the LEADER Program and, this way, is in charge of management and follow-up of the projects supported by the program.

ADRIMAG develops, at a local level, activities in 3 main domains: tourism and rural development, enterprises and micro-activities creation, adult education and training. These activities are developed based on an institutional cooperation based on local, national and international networks.

Since the beginning, ADRIMAG involves public and private local intervenient in order to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the territory, the opportunities and the threats, and in order to define the development strategies and action -plans. These action-plans represent a great part of the investment and the prosecution of those involves mandatorily a participative methodology through direct and frequents contacts between ADRIMAG and the local actors, namely the local authorities, the companies and the community associations working on the homogenous of the territory.

In the field of entrepreneurship and business creation, ADRIMAG has been developing, since 2003, several initiatives and projects which main objective is the development of methodologies and instruments to support entrepreneurs, namely through EQUAL Community Initiative and more recently GRUNDTVIG. ADRIMAG has a methodology to support entrepreneurs from the idea to the business creation, with the possibility of testing business without the formal creation of an enterprise named CRER – Enterprises creation in rural spaces.

The main objectives of the CRER is : to test and deploy, in rural areas, the structure and methodology to support the creation of new business ideas; to identify business opportunities in tourism, crafts and agriculture, and to structure a framework of competencies for their development; to structure the profile of the entrepreneur that allows select potential beneficiaries for business development; to design and implement a methodology to sustain support, beyond the project, the activity of agents to support the creation and development of enterprises.