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Newsletter 2 – March 2018


March 2018



Second training workshop in Arouca, Portugal

A training workshop of the “LEADER Program Management” course, under the TELI2 project – Transnational Education in LEADER Implementation2 – took place from 19th to 23th February 2018, in Portugal, Arouca, hosted by ADRIMAG LAG.  17 students from Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal and Romania and 2 lecturers from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the LIT – Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, visited ADRIMAG’s area of operation and some of the projects supported by ADRIMAG, under the LEADER approach and currently CLLD.

On the first day of the course, Luis Chaves, coordinator of the “Minha Terra” Federation, the Portuguese network of LAG’s, provided a presentation which focused on the role and work of the Federation, the evolution of the LEADER program to the current CLLD, and the main concerns and aspirations for the territories homes in Portugal.  João Carlos Pinho, coordinator of ADRIMAG, also participated in the training, presenting on the physical and demographic geography of Portugal, therein contextualizing the importance of the work developed by Local Action Groups in rural territories, focusing, in particular, on the work developed by ADRIMAG over the years under the LEADER / CLLD approach.

During the week course topics such as Power of Partnership, Perception of LEADER, learning with and for LEADER, Project Solving and Project Management were addressed.

Next workshop training will take place in Poland, at Dolina Ragby LAG, in April.

Limerick Institute Of Technology, Ireland – The Leader Of The Project

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is an institute of higher education in Limerick, a modern city in the Mid-West region of Ireland and is one of 13 institutes that are members of the Institutes of Technology, Ireland (IOTI). LIT is the fourth largest IOT in Ireland, with more than 6000 full time and part time students and 500 staff.

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LGD “Dolina Raby”, Poland

LGD “Dolina Raby” (the valley of river called Raba) is the area-based cross-sector partnership of over 120 public, social and economic partners representing seven local public administrations – six communes and one county, entrepreneurs, associations and foundations, farmers and local activists.

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Local Action Group Dobrogea Centrala, Romania

AL Central Dobrogea is a group of 11 associated administrative units. GAL is involved in actions for economic development planning, involving local and county political environment and the civil society through the mobilization of the education sector to local and county environmental protection.

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SECAD-South & East Cork Area Development, Ireland

South and East Cork Area Development Partnership CLG (SECAD) is an integrated development company which has successfully delivered rural development and social inclusion programmes and initiatives in the area since 1995 on behalf of the European Union and the Irish Government through the National Development Plan.

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Development agency Kozjansko, Slovenia

Development agency Kozjansko is a non-profit public institution founded in 1999. It has a highly qualified team, which is active in preparation of local and regional development plans, sustainable development of rural sector, eco tourism, promotion, etc.

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Lokalna Akcijska Grupa “Zeleni Bregi”, Croatia

LAG green hills is an association whose membership, includes 22 local self-governments units in the north-western part of Croatia (Krapina-Zagorje County and Zagrebačka County). Activities of LAG include preparing projects that take into account the needs and have an impact on the whole area of LAG, development and running of project ideas / applications that contribute to the achievement of its objectives and strategies.

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Lokalna Akcijska Grupa “Zrinska Gora – Turopolje”, Croatia

LAG Zrinska Gora – Turopolje is a new LAG located in Sisak Moslavina county and Zagrebacka county, in the central part of Croatia. It’s a grouping of eight associations of local authorities in partnership with over 30 NGOs and over 50 private entities.

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Monte Desenvolvimento Alentejo Central, ACE, Portugal

MONTE is a Local Action Group and a non-profit private entity, from Arraiolos, Alentejo Central, South of Portugal.
Our mission is to promote social and economic development and advocacy on rural regions.

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ADRIMAG, Portugal

ADRIMAG – Association for the rural development of the Montemuro, Arada and Gralheira Mountains – is a private and non-profit organization, created in 1991 and located in Arouca, whose primary objective is the local development, promoting the local resources and taking advantage of the endogenous resources that the area offers such as natural heritage.

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The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The University of Ljubljana (est. in 1919) is the central and the largest research and educational institution in Slovenia with: • 30 % of all research activities and • 64 % of all student population in the country. The University of Ljubljana has 23 faculties and 3 arts academies with 50.000 students, 6.000 teachers, researchers and administrative staff.

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