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TELI2 Research Report

TELI2 Research Report

The evidence gathered through this research report has informed the structure and indicative content for the Certificate in LEADER Programme Management (a Level 8 special purpose award accredited by Limerick Institute of Technology). Data has been collected from Local Action Groups (LAGs) / Local Development Companies (LDCs) in Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia. Key sections within the report include:

  • The positive features associated with the LEADER programme.
  • Challenges associated with the implementation of the LEDAER programme.
  • Educational and training requirements of LAG / LDC staff.
  • Country specific issues.

The report is comprised of the following parts:

  • Part 1 presents an overview of the LEADER programme with a brief synopsis of implementation procedures / processes for each of the TELI2 partner countries.
  • Part 2 outlines the methodology used to collect data for this report – tools and techniques deployed for data collection and analysis.
  • Part 3 records the results of the evaluation and discusses their interpretation.
  • Part 4 provides a summary and conclusion (including design of Certificate in LEADER Programme Management).
TELI2 Research Report